Is there life after death?
Do you live after someone’s death?

Both of you can…the griever
 and the deceased.

Life is eternal and you can choose life after the death of a loved one.

With more than twelve years of after-death communication with her son, Chris Mulligan wrote a book about their conversations, the healing and growth that came with his help and the gifts gained from the learning. 

Grief is part of our existence after the death of a loved one but we do not have to be controlled by our bereavement. When our child dies, grief becomes who we are. We must learn to accept this as it will not go away.

Afterlifebooks explores accepting death and transcending grief. 

  • It is about our life’s journey;
  •  It is about recognizing and learning to accept that journey. 
  • Keeping one’s eyes, heart and soul open during our pathway through grief and loss will help in recognizing our life’s lessons. 

We all made agreements to assist us in learning our life lessons.

Grieving is difficult for all of us regardless of the relationship to the deceased. We all have different resources for coping with grief and loss. Many of us are blessed to have help with our grieving processes. Please spend a few minutes with us. We would love to share our information about our afterdeath communication (ADCs) and we would love to hear from you. Your experiences are welcome on our comments page and we invite your questions.

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"Chris Mulligan has written a poignant, powerful book from the depth of her soul. The beauty of her journey and insights will touch your heart forever."

Stephen Simon, Co-founder, 
The Spiritual Cinema Circle
Film producer--
Somewhere in Time, 
What Dreams May Come 



I feel that I know you personally now after reading your book, Afterlife Agreements.

It was certainly one of the most amazing and insightful books I have ever read, and I will now highly recommend it. I felt I was right in your body and could feel your emotions throughout.

God Bless you and your darling family for the gift of this book. All grieving families should have access to this as the benefits to them would be so profound What beautiful sons you have and an amazing husband. Thank you so much I felt it a privilege and an honour to have read this very personal account.

Kind regards and blessings

Frances Le Grice
Our loved ones are always with us ... even after death.

Life is a process of lessons ...

Messages will come to us when we are ready...