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1.When did you first start communicating with Zac? 

Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond is my first year’s journey through grief after Zac’s death, and it demonstrates how he helped me through my grief. About three weeks after Zac died, I realized that a sun-catcher in our dining area moved when I cried, talked to him and grieved over him. Soon, I noticed other signs from him: hanging bells moved, I experienced out of place scents, and we found many pictures on the wall were hanging crooked. Later, throughout that first year, he showed me a variety of ways of communicating with me. Verbal conversations began four months after he died, and we’ve developed a completely different relationship since that time. (That is part of the Afterlife Agreement we made prior to coming in to this life.)

2.What was the reason for writing the book? 

I hope to help people understand that the relationships and connections we have in this life do not end with a person’s death. The book documents the messages, signs, communication, lessons and conversations I experienced with and from Zac in order to show that our relationships continue after death. My further hope is that by normalizing my journey, others may find comfort, and it will bring hope and healing to people facing grief.

3.When did you first hear from Zac?

I had a wonderful daily mountain drive to and from work and I realized that on this peaceful drive, (which was an almost meditative state for me) I would be able to concentrate and “notice” and listen to what I was receiving. Most of our conversations took place in my very special CRV!  Eventually this drive became a metaphor for my life.

4.What were the signs Zac presented?

Zac demonstrated different signs to many of his friends and family members that would have a special meaning to each of the individuals. He sent birds to appear, appropriate/familiar music played on radio stations, turned on water, opened cupboards, moved a hanging crystal, blew out a candle, turned off a fan, changed the channel on a television, turned the volume up on a radio, turned on/off lights, moved a washcloth, made a feather and leaf appear, unfastened a flag on the wall and moved tools. 

5.What are other signs spirits might present to loved ones? 

Rainbows, birds, butterflies, dreams, seeing an image (front on or partial or out of the corner of your eye) finding coins, feathers, leaves, time/date/messages in various equipment like a clock, a computer, a license plate, road signs, computers, telephones, telephone answering machines providing messages, electrical appliances, lights and equipment going on and off, communications through animals, “coincidental happenings.” (i.e.: they impress us to buy certain items, to do business with certain advantageous people, etc)

6.Is everyone capable of hearing from the other side or is it a special gift that only some people have? 

 As Zac said, “Anyone and everyone can communicate with their loved ones. They have to open themselves up to communicate and to listen.”

7.How can we learn to communicate with our loved ones on the other side?

Zac said that people need to: “Be aware, notice, notice what is important to you and trust what you are receiving.”

8.What are the messages they want to tell us?

Mainly our loved ones want us to know that they are still here with us, that they are ok and there is no such thing as death.  

9.Do my loved ones still love me and check on me?

Of course, your loved ones still love you. If they loved you enough to plan a life with you here, they surely still love you when they just went back to the other side. The relationship continues here and there because we continue to be the same spirits. The difference is that their soul is now in spirit while you are still here in physical form.

10.Is my loved one at peace?

Of course they are! We’ve all heard the descriptions of the other side as being “perfect, “home” and more beautiful than you can imagine. Why wouldn’t anyone be at peace in this situation? They may have lessons to continue learning and jobs to do and charts to learn about but in such a state of consistent beauty and perfection, how could we imagine not being peaceful?  

11.Does my loved one have advice for me?

Our loved ones may know our chart once they return home but this chart (with all the details and situations) was developed by us to learn from and live out. They cannot and do not tell us how to live as they know that the lessons we chart are for our spirit’s benefit. 

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