Chris at TIP training.


June 29-31, 2012 BPUSA National Gathering Tampa Bay, Florida The Gifts of Grief and Healthy Grieving workshops

July 29-31, 2011 BPUSA National Gathering Reston, Virginia  The Gifts of Grief workshop

September 17, 2010 Beyond Words: Redefining Loss through Creative Approaches Conference
Panel Workshop: Continued Connections Verona, NY

August 6, 2010 Chapters Bookstore, Newberg Oregon Book signing 5pm -9 pm

July 2-4, 2010  National TCF conference Workshop:  "The Gift of Grief" Arlingtonn, Va

September (date TBA) Book signing during Spiritual Week: 3rd Street Bookstore  McMinnville, Oregon 
.1. Anne Smith - singer, author, artist and Chris - Portland TCF Conference 2009  
2. Chris and Pat Moore before Death Panel for TIP program August 24, 2009       
3. Dr. Heidi Horsley, Chris, Dr. Gloria Horsley Portland TCF Conference  2009
4. Stephen Simon and Chris at Spiritual Cinema Circle luncheon May 15, 2010
5.  Chris on Death Panel for TIP program Portland, Oregon October 5, 2012 
6. Chris at Saturday Market book event in McMinnville, Oregon 
7. Chris, Sara Ruble, Jane Bissler at TCF National Conference in Arlington, Va July 6, 2010
8. Chapters Book Store  August 6, 2010
9. Chris, Sara Ruble, Mitch Carmody, Jane Bissler Continuing Connections panel at Beyond Words Conference September 17, 2010, Verona, NY.
10..Sara Ruble, Anne Puryear and Chris at the 1st Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference Phoenix, Arizona April 20, 2011
11  Carla Blowey, Mitch Carmody, Terri Daniel, Chris and Sara Ruble at the 1st Afterlife Awareness Conference in Phoenix, Arizona April 20, 2011
12. Jane Bissler, Sara Ruble, Gloria Horsley, Chris, Heidi Horsley and Carla Blowey at The Compassionate Friends Conference Minneapolis, Minnesota July 18, 2011
13. Chris, Carla Blowey, Gloria Horsley, Dave Roberts, Ron Vilano, Heidi Horsley at Bereaved Parents USA Gathering Reston, Virginia July 28, 2011 
14. Jane Bissler, Dr. Raymond Moody and Chris at the 2nd Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia March 10, 2012
15. Jane Bissler and Chris at conference (after book signing) Virginia Beach,Virginia Afterlife Awareness Conference March 10, 2012
16. Jane Vair Bissler and Chris BPUSA National Gathering (Healthy Grieving workshop) July 7, 2012
17. Chris speaking on Death panel for TIP program October 5, 2012

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Death Panel for TIP program Portland, Oregon October 5, 2012 Windows Video Player Required