As a caring, giving, spiritual personality in his physical life, Zac continues to demonstrate his responsibility and love for his loved ones from the other side by assisting with their grieving process and teaching lessons about grieving, living and life.

I have been fortunate to have a kind, loving, and benevolent soul assisting me through my grieving process. I want to share him with the world. He has great messages to share.

~ Chris        
Zachary Jay Herigstad
1-22-79 to 10-1-00 

"All things in time" 
~ Zac  9-28-06 

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Zac was and is a unique spirit. It was no coincidence that Zac was my son or that he died so young or that he chose to communicate with us. It is said that coincidence is God's way of being anonymous, and we know Zac would not want to be anonymous! This was an agreement we made long ago before choosing this life, and he's making sure we will achieve it.

Zac was known for his smile, kindness, gentleness, helpfulness, compassion, sense of humor and friendly personality. Death has not changed that personality!

Zac used all the above to help us accept a higher perspective of death. He demonstrated life insights with loving guidance and many times with “his” humor in his after-death communications.