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"It was so amazing to read about your journey with Zac and to have my beliefs validated, implemented and solidified. Your purpose and Zac's insistence that you write this book to help others has indeed done just that and I thank both of you.

"I am very hopeful that more and more bereaved parents will open themselves up to the signs, love, and help that comes through God and our children.  I feel the key to it all for me was believing and trusting that we have made these agreements with our children. Afterlife Agreements will do that for anyone who reads your and Zac's story. It is a true love story. I hope there will be more books coming from you and Zac.  Thanks again, Chris."

`Sara Ruble, TCF


"I just want to thank you so much for sharing Zac and yourself with me.  It is truly the friends we companion our grief journey with that make this life without our precious children bearable."           

            ~Marcy Wastl, TCF


"I can relate to so much of it. Thank you so much for writing it (Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond) and for sharing so much of your personal feelings. I will pass it on to some of my family members who I know will enjoy it as much as I did."  

~Anne Bryant (parent of Zac’s friend, Bob)


"I absolutely loved it. She (Chris) has taken her darkest moments and has put it into a readable, month-by-month format that anyone can understand. It helps people through the grieving process and it lends itself to one’s healing. It’s the validation that the soul lives on and love lives on. I highly recommend it." 

            ~Tina Edwards

"I don’t know what I’d do without you. You send me things (messages from her deceased husband) when I need them most. Thank you for all you do and for being there for us. I really appreciate it." 

           ~ Jean Smart 


"You are like magic! God bless your gift. Angels be with you."

            ~Jeanne Bach, TCF


"It was amazing – you definitely made a difference for our family and I greatly appreciate it. I can’t thank you enough."           

           ~Adrienne Swartz Dillar